Founded in 1892, Otis McAllister LLC is one of the oldest food product companies in the world.  The Arc is proud to say its clients have been working on Otis McAllister project for some 20 years.



Sun-MaidLogo_1912Banner_Goldsunsweet-logoEverett Golden heads-up Otis McAllister.  He says found The Arc and the solution to his labeling problems a long time ago. “I started using The Arc 20 years go to apply labels on every package and case of such brands as Sun-Maid and Sunsweet being shipped to Brazil because manufacturers could not provide the required bilingual labels with importer details, etc.”


Golden says he found the Arc because of a referral from business colleague. He also adds something we love to hear.  “The fact that you provide jobs for mentally challenged adults was an added benefit but not the key reason to use your service.”   We love hearing that because it means we are getting business because of our quality of work not because we are “handicapped.”  And Golden tips his hat to the attitude our clients bring to the job.  “My cousin,” he said, “is developmentally challenged, so I enjoyed my first visit to the Arc and seeing those positive, special staff working on my labels.”


OtisMc mission


Over the years, Otis McAllister has cultivated a distinctive culture founded on a history of service and commitment to integrity, innovation, and improving the lives of our customers and their communities. The company says it has continued to evolve thanks to a staff that is diverse in skills, languages, and ideas.  We salute Otis McAllister for contracting with a “diverse” co-packing operation for over 20 years!  We really value our long standing relationship with Otis McAllister, LLC.