Coffee Project logo plusJames Vaughn, was looking for an auto-weigher – a machine that mechanizes the task of filling a bag with his raw coffee beans (see one in action here). 


Vaughn, owner of The Coffee Project, sells gourmet beans – which he buys from all over the world – to people who take 15 minutes to roast their own beans to get the freshest, most robust coffee around. He also sells the roasters.


The Arc Responded to the Email from The Coffee Project Immediately

For various reasons, purchasing an auto-weigher didn’t pencil-out so Vaughn contacted another group to arrange for the work to be done manually.  They were not responsive so he continued the search until he found Judy Vierra at The Arc of Alameda County.


“Judy responded to my email right away,” he said and added, “I liked her willingness to dive in and figure things out. I liked that pricing and billing were flexible and affordable.”


Vaughn also says doing business with a nonprofit organization that works with people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities is a real plus. “This is 100% consistent with the nature of my business…I’m going to spend anyway, and being able to spend on Arc’s mission is an unanticipated benefit.”


It’s all About the Coffee

Meantime, Vaughn’s marketing philosophy is “focus on the cup, and the rest will sort itself out” so he doesn’t promote the fact that many of his coffee bean purchases are organically grown nor does the post the logos of any other trade associations to which he belongs.  He prefers to keep his website simple and doesn’t mention the fact that he does business with us.


He does however, give us a nod.  The Coffee Project sells a 7-pound bundle that includes 7 types of beans and a 5-pound bundle that includes 5 types of beans.  They are called Arc 4 Bundle and Arc 5 bundle respectively.



If Time Magazine Called About the Arc, The Coffee Project Would Answer

“I’m happy to talk about Arc and I do all the time when I talk about my business structure and what I hope to achieve in it. If Time Magazine asked me, I’d be glad to go on and on about Arc.”