When customers speak, a smart business listens.  If people say they want blue cars, a car maker oughta be shipping more blue cars.


It’s the same with The Arc.


Our customers, and especially potential customers, tells us they are looking for  program that will get them a real job, at a real company, making real pay.  As TV’s Frasier Crane put it on his fictional call-in radio program, “We’re listening.”


The Arc has posted a job opening for what’s known as a Job Developer.


A Job Developer reaches out to businesses in a region and persuades them to hire a person with an intellectual or developmental disability.  There’s usually some resistance to the idea; will I have to spend a fortune on equipment to make my place accessible?  Aren’t the chances high that they’ll get hurt on the job?


The Job Developer will also help design brochures and other collateral material to send to local companies explaining how hiring someone with a developmental disability – full or part time – could be the best HR decision they’ll ever make. He or she will also manage the “Employer Panel of Experts” – business leaders with first-hand experience hiring and working with our clients who will confirm at Chambers of Commerce and other business venues that our folks make excellent employees.


It’s a job that will demand enormous creativity.  We can’t wait to meet the person who gets the job.  He or she will be someone worth knowing – professionally and personally.  We can’t wait to see who it is.


Here’s the link to the job description: