Arc Stories: Arc and Livermore PD

Pride in Their Work

For over a decade The Arc has found work for people with developmental disabilities at the Livermore Police Department.  A team of dedicated Arc clients has washed police vehicles. Rhonda Bishop, Livermore Police Facility and Equipment Manager tells us, “This has been a job that your clients take great pride in as they are “helping the men and women who help those in need.”


She said that she can see the excitement on our workers’ faces when they finish washing a car and get praise for how good the vehicle looks.  “You can see the sense of accomplishment and pride,” she said, “and that not only makes your clients feel good, but makes the people at LVPD” feel good, too.”


The Vehicle Wash program in Liveremore is one of several group placements that are part of The Arc’s Supported Employment program.   We found work for people with developmental disabilities washing vehicles for the City of Pleasanton; another crew removes graffiti from buildings in Union City; there’s a team of clients that cleans parks in San Leandro and one that performs landscape services at the Oakland Museum.


The Vehicle Wash Program – One Worth Fighting For

Bishop says the work our clients do for the Livermore PD has been so important and caused such an impact that when the program’s budget reallocation came up a few years ago she fought hard to keep the Arc program.  “It is very important to us and we want to continue to work with the Arc and your clients. We want to help make a difference.” The issue came up again in 2016 and Bishop “won” again.


When We’re Smilin’

In addition, Bishop says that the Arc clients are some of the best listeners she has ever had the pleasure of working with!  “Your clients listen well to instruction,” says Bishop, “always step up to the plate, try harder than anyone we have seen, and always do it with smile on their faces!”


Livermore PD has a Facebook page. check it out by clicking here.  And the Department is featured on the City of Livermore’s web page.