2018 Bogey Bash Golf Fundraiser has been postponed and rescheduled.

Due to an unexpected conflict with the July 30th date, we find that we must postpone and re-schedule the Bogey Bash Golf Fundraiser.  The Bash will return in either March or May of 2019.  We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience, but we hope to see you next year.  Will keep you posted!

A Mom’s Perspetive – Wings for All

A guest Blog from Pat Hornbecker   Pat Hornbecker is the mother of an adult son with a developmental disability and is a tireless advocate.  Pat has served on the Board of The Arc of San Francisco, the Board of The Arc of California where she served as president, and the Board of Directors of […]

The Arc’s “Wings for All” – Families Were Elated

For those of us not impacted by autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome or a similar developmental disability it is almost impossible to imagine the stress a child with any of those conditions would feel when entering an airport.  The closest we might come is taking the stress level we feel and multiplying it a thousand-fold. […]

The Arc is Hiring – Looking for a Job Developer

When customers speak, a smart business listens.  If people say they want blue cars, a car maker oughta be shipping more blue cars.   It’s the same with The Arc.   Our customers, and especially potential customers, tells us they are looking for  program that will get them a real job, at a real company, […]

13 Clients of the Year Named at “Invest in Success Dinner”

That is the Question   We tackled the age old question, “What is Success?” during the annual Invest in Success Awards Banquet on June 30th.   During the event, held for the first time in Union City at the Crowne Plaza, we wondered if success  was limited to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who start a business, sell […]

Best Foot Forward – Golf Shoes Symbolize Inclusion for LifeLinks Participants

LifeLinks – The Arc of Alameda County’s golf program for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities – isn’t really about teaching golf. It’s about exercise, improving balance and hand/eye coordination, and teaching the values of golf -such as honesty, integrity, perseverance.   It’s also about inclusion.  Our golfers spend at least 2 hours a week […]

Take This Job and Love It!

The FitzFile by Richard Fitzmaurice — The Arc of Alameda County/President of the Board, The Arc of California   Arc Client Aaron Moore Loves His Job – Wants the Same for Others. Mid-week days start early in the morning for Aaron Moore.  Aaron, a veteran Arc client, lives in Stockton but works in Livermore on […]

Real Jobs for Real Pay

The FitzFile by Richard Fitzmaurice — The Arc of Alameda County/President of the Board, The Arc of California   October is Disability Awareness Month Since 1945, the Federal Government has set aside some period of time dedicated to finding jobs for people with disabilities.  The event has evolved over the years. Today it’s called National Disability Employment […]

No Baloney! A HealthMeet Lesson Well Learned

If there’s one thing Arc client Dana Hale learned from his experience in The Arc’s HealthMeet program it’s the definition of nutritious food. “No Baloney!” says Dana, “and I stay away from hot dogs, bacon and eggs, fried food, salt and pepper and no alcohol or smokes.” He has also given up sugary soda drinks.   […]

City of Union City: Tag, You’re It

Union City Offers a Great Gig for Our Clients Like most places these days, The City of Union City has a graffiti challenge.  In fact, it’s had one since at least 1997.  That’s the year Union City contracted with The Arc to have our clients remove the “artwork” left by the taggers.   Taggers are […]