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by Richard FitzmauriceThe Arc of Alameda County/President of the Board, The Arc of California


Arc Client Aaron Moore Loves His Job – Wants the Same for Others.

Aaron Moore
Aaron’s working on a marketing project for the Operating Engineers Federal Credit Union in Livermore

Mid-week days start early in the morning for Aaron Moore.  Aaron, a veteran Arc client, lives in Stockton but works in Livermore on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  After getting ready, he catches a 5 a.m. bus to the Dublin/Pleasanton BART Station where he catches another bus to get to his job at The Operating Engineers Federal Credit Union on North Canyons Parkway.

He arrives at 8:30…sharp…99.9% of the time.


A Job for Over a Quarter Century

Aaron has held that job for over 25 years!  Not bad for a guy who’s been challenged by cerebral palsy all his life.

Moore’s job is in the marketing department.  He stuffs envelopes, accounts for all the give-away items and folds brochures.  He even sets up a mini-assembly line for each project to be as efficient as possible.

I went to Aaron’s office to photograph him for this blog.  He was obviously happy to have his picture taken but I have to say he hardly looked up from his work – well just enough times to smile and hear the friendly click of the camera.  Then it was back to work reaching into the big box of plastic bags that were waiting to be stuffed.  A minute later he’d flash that special smile, I’d snap the picture and he’d put his nose right back on that grind stone.

Aaron Moore has come a long way from the shy-guy he was 25 years ago.  Today he attends the staff parties, celebrates corporate victories with his colleagues and counts his co-workers as friends.

Never forgotten in this story is Aaron’s job coach for 15 years, Deloris Bosley.  “I visit Aaron about every two weeks,” she says. “I take him to buy his bus tickets and do a general check-up but he’s so self-sufficient now, I can focus on other clients.”


Making Progress Daily

Bosley is amazed with Aaron’s progress. She worked with him a lot in the early days.   “His memory has improved along with his self-confidence, he gets his supplies from the storeroom on his own and gets his material organized like a pro.  He probably does 5 days of work in only 2,” she says.

Aaron doesn’t speak much but it’s obvious that he is thrilled about two recent developments.  One was the party his colleagues threw for his 25th work anniversary.

The other was being selected to represent The Arc of Alameda County in its annual Holiday Card.

holidaycard-2016 holiday-card-inside


The 2016 theme is “Take This Job and Love it.”  Aaron says he’s loved his job for 25 years and wants others to share his joy.

You can support us as we help the people who dream of having a job like Aaron’s by clicking here.  Aaron will thank you for it. For more information about our Supported Employment Program, please click here.