Supported Employment – Jobs for Our Clients


We Work at Finding Jobs


TCar Wash Crew edithe Arc of the East Bay’s mission is best illustrated by the Community Services Program;  people with disabilities finding jobs in their own communities, interacting with non-disabled co-workers, and earning the pride and self-esteem that comes with a job well done.


We match individuals eager to work with employers in their communities. The result is almost always a success!  Employers report they get some of their most dedicated and hard working employees, and our clients  get a chance to prove they can get the job done.  We also provide ongoing job coaching and support for as long as the individual is working – at no cost to the individual or to the employer.

There are two employment options depending on clients’ readiness and preference:


Group Placements
Teams of individuals, working under direct supervision of The Arc of the East Bay, find jobs where they are hired directly by local companies or work at a company that is under contract with The Arc.  Duties might include production work, landscaping, graffiti removal, janitorial, retail and customer service. Some of our work teams work at Livermore Police Department, the Cities of Pleasanton and Union City, and at the Oakland Museum.


Individual Placements
For clients ready for the challenges of an independent work setting, we find a variety of jobs in the local community. Our professional Job Developer matches job opportunities with the individual’s strengths and preferences.   While the consumer is a direct employee of the company, Arc of the East Bay still works closely with him or her through a Job Coordinator.


Jobs range widely from office work to food prep to retail and customer service to janitorial. We have placed consumers with companies such as Burlington Coat Factory, Wal-Mart, Safeway, Target and Lucky Stores.