Union City Offers a Great Gig for Our Clients

Union city graffiti worker 2Like most places these days, The City of Union City has a graffiti challenge.  In fact, it’s had one since at least 1997.  That’s the year Union City contracted with The Arc to have our clients remove the “artwork” left by the taggers.


Taggers are like trolls – they seem to live under freeway overpasses and come out at night with spray paint in hand. Over the years, depending on the need, The Arc’s 3-person work crew went out two or three times a week to take care of the problem.


The Governor Tells Union City: “Fire Them!”

For some 15 years, funds to pay our clients came from the local Redevelopment Agency.  Then it happened.  Governor Brown in 2012 decided to eliminate those agencies and his finance department ordered Union City to cancel the Arc contract. The Arc and the city lobbied the state to continue funding but the finance department was unmoved.


City Council Members to the Rescue!

But then the Union City City Council met and directed Public Works staff to keep our three clients and the job coach working. Public Works had to rearranged its own budget to include us in the mix but they did it!


We are still on the job.

Union City Graffiti remover 1Today we service 14 parks in Union City.  When we see graffiti we “trace” it with white primer.  The city’s Public Works people come later with a paint truck  and to give the area a new coat of gray paint which covers the primer– but usually not for long.


Officials in Union City are very complementary of the work our clients do.  If your business can use some help from a dedicated group of people who really want to work, contact Cecilia Chau Connolly at ceciliaconnolly@arceastbay.org